A Celiac In Iceland - Part 2

Outside of Reykjavik the food choices get a little bit slimmer. There were some parts of our trip where I stuck with the food we brought, mainly lunches, because there wasn’t really anything around. As for breakfast the majority of places we stayed offered breakfast of Skyr, fruit, eggs, and for the non celiac everything else you’d expect. On a side note, we did not plan for how expensive the restaurants would be, another reason why we occasionally ate what we had bought from the store.

Our first stop outside of Reykjavik was along the Golden Circle. Our golden circle stop wasn’t great, it was right next to the Geysir at the Geysir Center. I was able to get a salad, chips, and skyr. There were a lot more options for my husband like soup and sandwiches. It looked like there may have been a restaurant, but it was closed by the time we got there. 

Along the rest of our route, however, we were able to get some delicious gluten free meals!

a) Hotel Edda Vik, Berg Restaurant - The staff at this restaurant (inside the hotel) made my experience very relaxing and worry free. The waiter knew about celiac disease, made sure the chefs were extra careful with my food, and had an appetizer altered slightly so I could eat it. It was a bit pricey, but worth it after our long day! 

b) Pakkhus

Our guesthouse (Glacier World) near Hofn recommended this restaurant to us, and we’re super glad we went. There was a bit of a wait, but the seating area in the basement with wifi wasn’t too bad. Again, the wait staff and food were both amazing! Our waiter notified the chef beforehand, and even made a dessert gluten free for us to share.


c) Kaffi Hornid - Another Hofn restaurant we tried, which wasn’t as good as Pakkhus. The wait staff here was a little less helpful, and the gluten free selection wasn’t great, but I did not get sick so I guess it worked out! 

d) Vogafjos Guesthouse - The restaurant at this guesthouse is unique in that you can watch the diary cows through a glass window. They also allow guest to meet the cows! I didn’t get sick from eating here, but there wasn’t a lot to choose from either.

e) Geitafell Seafood Restaurant - So I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant for celiacs, but I would recommend it for other people. My husband had their famous soup, (I stuck with the salad) and said it was delicious and exactly what he needed after our long driving day. Also, this is literally the only restaurant to eat on the Vatnsnes peninsula so you don’t really have an option! It’s very remote, and we were worried we’d be the only people in the whole place, but luckily some German tourists stumbled in as well!

f) Bjargarsteinn Mathus - By far the best meal I’ve ever had anywhere. This restaurant is a hidden gem in Grundarfjorour AND I had no issue with gluten free food. We splurged and tried rotten shark as an appetizer and it tastes just like it sounds! My meal was sort of crafted together to make it gluten free but it was so good! For dessert we had a fruit sorbet with chocolate! No issues whatsoever being a celiac in this place!

Overall having Celiac Disease and traveling around Iceland was a lot easier than I expected. After the first few stops I started to realize I wouldn’t have to worry too much and could actually enjoy trying Icelandic food!

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