A Celiac in Greece (Part 2)

After leaving Santorini we headed to Athens for a few days to explore the sites before flying back home. Unfortunately Athens was about the same as far as choices and difficulties with a few good meals. Since we already had a good amount of groceries from Santorini with us, we did not try and re-stock once we arrived. However, I did find it hard to find a location that sold fruit, which was disappointing. 

Here is a breakdown of everywhere we ate in Athens:

Yard Bistrot and Bar, near the Acropolis. This place was so good we ate here twice, also because we were lazy and nearby both times. I ended up getting grilled chicken, with potatoes, and a salad. I had no issues either time, and the waiters knew what gluten free meant. 

Cafe Lycabettus, on top of Lycabettus hill. There are two restaurants on this hill, the cafe and the fancy restaurant. We accidentally went to the cafe because the signs were a bit confusing. I ended up sticking to a salad, and a side of fries. The waiter was mostly knowledgeable, but I decided to play it safe because it was our last night in Athens. Bonus points for having the best view during a sunset! 

Delphi Tour Bus. On one of our days we took a day trip to Delphi and saw some amazing sights. We ended up eating at an arranged location, but I cannot remember what the place was called! Or what I ate! I know I didn’t get sick, so I’m assuming it was just another greek salad. Fortunately I ended up really liking greek salads, so it was fine! Also the restaurant had a great viewing deck out back overlooking the mountains. 

Zampano, located underneath our City Circus Athens hostel. We tried breakfast here one morning, but it was way too difficult to really get anything besides fruit. I think everything in the menu had gluten in it, but this was mainly the free breakfast offered for guests of the hostel. The waiter did his best though!

Trattoria, located near the Plaka. Another member in our group wanted to eat here, so I mostly stuck to the salad again. It was fine, and I didn’t get sick, but nothing will compare to that Santorini salad on the beach!

While I didn’t starve on this trip, there were days that I struggled a lot. I think if I had to do this again I would definitely pack my own loaf of bread, more hearty snacks, and stock up on all the bananas I can find. Greece seemed easy on paper, but the language is so different from anywhere else I’ve been it definitely made it much more stressful. It’s tough trusting a stranger while vacationing, the last thing you want to do is get sick in such a beautiful country!

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